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Top Places to visit in Singapore

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Singapore is a mandatory visit for all type of travelers. From adventure-seekers to urban dwellers and foodies, Singapore has everything in store for everyone. The country is creating more possibilities by continually evolving and reinventing itself. Featuring the top places to visit in Singapore below

Gardens by the bay

Places to visit in Singapore

Gardens by the bay are the face of Singapore. It is the most highlighted place of Singapore in the world map. Looks straight out of an alien movie, gardens by the bay is a botanical garden covering an area of 101-hectare. The most recognizable feature of this place is the vertical garden, which looks mindblowing at night. Admission to Gardens by the Bay is free, and the park is open daily from 5 am to 2 am.

Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo

Singapore zoo is home to 300 species of animals and it spans nearly 70 acres. Unlike the regular zoos which keep animals as captives, the Singapore Zoo has revolutionized the concept of zoos by keeping the animals open. The visitors will be provided with a variety of transportation methods such as trams and boats to explore the zoo. Apart from that, there are many activities such as fire show, chimpanzee dance, night safari, etc which makes this zoo unique from others.

Light show

singapore light show

It is a complete glam and glitz late night in Singapore. There are special events and light shows in the city for the people. It is better to keep track of the events happening in the city to enjoy the place to the fullest.
The stellar displays at Marina Bay and Sentosa will make you go wow. Catch a glimpse of the show before you bid adieu to Singapore.

Sunset in Marina Bay

Singapore sunset

Singapore is known for its amazing skyline. The unique and splendid architecture of the skyscrapers will make you go spellbound. The Marina Bay Sands Boardwalk gives the best view in the whole city, and people gather here to watch the sunset.


Places to visit in Singapore

Singapore has a range of museums that cater to a multitude of interests. There is plenty of art, science, technology, and history museums in Singapore. You can choose one according to your preferences and explore it. Moreover, there are museums for vintage toys and collectible stamps

MacRitchie Treetop Walk

Singapore Tree walk

MacRitchie Treetop Walk is a 250-meter long bridge that stands 25 meters above the forest floor. This place is known for its incredible scenic beauty. Go for a hike at this place, but make sure you carry enough water and wear good shoes.

Hawker center

Places to visit in Singapore

Hawker center is the food hub of Singapore. It is mandatory to appreciate the culture of the country we visit, which is only possible by eating the local cuisines. Hop on to this place and enjoy as much local food you want.

Hope you enjoy the Places to visit in Singapore & things to do in Singapore. We have some fantastic Singapore tour packages in store for you. Call us for more details.


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