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Top Winter Destinations From Dubai

by Rukku Sumayya - Sabsan Holidays
Winter Destinations From Dubai

End of the year is around the corner! Why don’t you squeeze in the below Top Winter Destinations From Dubai in 2019 travel quota?

Of course, Dubai is spectacular during winter, but if you are looking for a magical snowy winter, then the below countries will excite you to the core.


Winter Destinations From Dubai

Russia exactly knows how to make winter beautiful. If you want to experience a sudden and total change in the climate and culture, you can hop on to a flight that stops in Russia. With cheap flight tickets, hassle-free visa, glittering Christmas markets, magical snow and mulled wine, Russia makes a perfect winter break from Dubai.


Winter Destinations From Dubai

Georgia is the most favorite destination of Dubai residents due to the cheap flight tickets, beautiful scenery, and shortest distance. It is a tourist season all year around. However, the wintertime will amaze you with snow and other activities, making Georgia anĀ ideal pick for an end-of-year escape.
Witness the fantabulous caucus mountains and the cobbled streets wholly covered in snow with Sabsan Holidays.



Armenia is another country with the backdrop of the caucus mountain; also known as the oldest Christian country in the world. Just 3 hours of plane ride from Dubai, you will witness the busy Christmas markets and magical snow in Armenia.

You can have a comfortable Christmas time in Armenia with Sabsan Holidays.



Do you want to experience winter in the middle east without leaving the region? Then Iran is the right place for you. The huge Iranian expat community in UAE will go back to Iran during December to experience the snowy winter in the Iran capital.



Almaty in Kazakhstan is an emerging winter destination with ski, snowboarding, and other winter activities. The breathtaking scenic view of Kazakhstan’s largest metropolis is a bonus point.



Rome is a destination that gives a divine Christmas for the visitors. Christmas in the Vatican is a pilgrimage for many. Attend the most beautiful Christmas masses in the world and enjoy the mesmerizing view of the city during this winter.


paris travel

France is the most desirable getaway from Dubai because of some valid reasons. The sparkling decors, delicious Christmas delights, and the snowy weather makes it a perfect winter break from UAE.
Strassboroug and Paris is the central hub of Christmas celebration in the whole world. Moreover, the Christmas markets in France will give a fairytale feel.

Are you inspired to make travel plans from Our top Winter Destinations From Dubai during Christmas? Call us; we will make it easier for you.

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