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Top Places To See In Dubai City Tour

Dubai City Tour

Dubai- one of the fastest-growing cities of our time has become the most sought after tourist destination in the world map. This thriving metropolitan city has earned the title of being the land of superlatives as it has the best of everything in the world. From sky soring buildings to incredible infrastructures, Dubai has set an example for the world cities on how to excel in the tourism sector. If you want to explore this enchanting city to the fullest, you can choose to have a Dubai City Tour with Sabsan Holidays. Our Dubai City Tour will take you to almost all the major iconic spots in this lovely land. Dubai City Tour is one of the best ways to experience the different shades of this city.

Here are the Top Places To See In Dubai City Tour

Dubai City Tour with Burj Khalifa 

The tallest building in the world will come first on the exploration list of this magnanimous country. Soaring 828 metres high, Burj Khalifa is the most iconic structure in the Dubai skyline.

The tower has two observation decks open for the public and tickets to the top is available in the ticket office at ground floor in Dubai Mall. You will be taken to the top floor in an elevator that will whip you at a dizzying speed of 10m/s. However, the view from the top is just astounding, and we don’t want you to miss it!

Book the tickets early to avoid last-minute hassles.

Dubai City Tour with Dubai Mall

Dubai City Tour

Dubai Mall is one of the largest shopping malls in the world, which is filled with world-renowned brands. Apart from the regular mall things such as food courts and brand outlets, Dubai Mall has plenty of things to see and do. Dubai Underwater Aquarium and Zoo, VR Park, Rainforest Cafe, Hysteria, Dubai Dino are some of the main highlights in this gigantic mall.

Dubai City Tour with Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum portrays the rich history and culture of Dubai. The gallery is a journey from old Dubai to modern Dubai. Housed in the Al Fahidi Fort which was built around 1799, Dubai Museum Posses items dating as far back as 3000BC.

Dubai City Tour

Dubai Museum offers a deep insight into the rich history and culture of Dubai. You can get to witness the everyday life of people before the invention of oil in this history museum. If you are a history lover, then the chances of you falling in love with this museum are high.

Dubai City Tour with Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek is one of the most popular and historical parts of Dubai, often visited by tourists. It is a saltwater creek that is a focal point of the city where you can take a walk and enjoy the world pass by. It runs through the middle of the city separating the Bur Dubai and Deira areas of Dubai.

Dhows which transport both goods and people are a fascinating attraction here in the creekside. You can hop on to one of these or can sit in the shore to enjoy the hustle and bustle of its goings-on.

Dubai City Tour with Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque defines the religious background of Dubai. If you think that it is just a mere mosque, then you are wrong. Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai is an architectural wonder created by the brilliant brains.

Jumeirah Mosque

The entry to this mosque is open to all religions though the people should follow some cultural restrictions.

Dubai City Tour with Burj Al Arab

The iconic Burj Al Arab is the world’s most luxurious hotel located in the shores of Jumeirah beach. Propelling to the dizzying height of more than 320 metres, this hotel is the last word in the legendary Arabian hospitality.

Catch a glimpse of this opulent and distinctive hotel which will make you go spellbound.

Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is a unique human-made island made in the shape of a palm tree. It consists of a trunk, a crown with 17 fronds, and a surrounding crescent island that forms an 11 kilometres long breakwater. The total area of this human-made wonder is larger than 800 football pitches.

Dubai City Tour - Palm Jumeirah Dubai

The island has boutique hotels, three types of villas (Signature Villas, Garden Homes, and Canal Cove Town Homes), shoreline apartment buildings, beaches, marinas, restaurants, cafes and a variety of retail outlets for you to explore.

Atlantis, The Palm

Atlantis, The Palm

Atlantis is a luxury resort located in the Palm Jumeirah Islands. The magnificent beauty of this architectural structure makes this place a mandatory visit in Dubai.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is the city’s liveliest neighbourhood with a mind-blowing skyline. The canal area is lined with shops, malls and dining area for the tourists to visit.

You can also enjoy a dhow/ yacht ride when you are in Dubai Marina.

Sabsan Holidays are providing the best city tours in Dubai. Not only Dubai, but our city tour services are also available for the other Emirates of UAE. Contact us for more details.

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