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5 Reasons Why UAE Farm Stay Should Be Your Next Holiday Choice

5 Reasons Why UAE Farm Stay

Family/ friends staycation can be fun or dreadful, depending on where you are headed to or where you choose to stay. However, it is vital to find a place that meets the expectation of your holiday. In fact, break from Dubai anticipates having a serene getaway from the hassles of the city life. For that, we would recommend you to choose a farm stay as it is a place that is wholesome and enjoyable. Here are 5 reasons to justify Why UAE Farm Stay Should Be Your Next Holiday Choice.

Farm Stays are fun

Farm stays are the best staycation for the family. The lessons picked up by the kids during the farm stays are valuable, and it is definitely one of the wholesome trips for them. It pushes you to get out, enjoy the fresh air, learn about the animals and absorb a lifestyle that is considered as the norm back in those days.

Farm Stays Are Serene

We know how much busy and packed are your days in this metropolitan city. The pace and pressure of your daily life will fade away when you are in our UAE Farm Stay.

UAE Farm Stay

Our farmhouses are located away from the touristy areas hence ensuring peace and serenity. Imagine waking up to the sound of roosters in the middle of a mountain region with greenery and farms around. This is going to be your best escape from the fake world to something real and grounded.

Will drag you close to nature

Just imagine rolling out of bed to collect fresh eggs and vegetables, then stroll around the farm, do fishing, milk a cattle, drink lemonade on the rocking chair on the porch, feed a baby lamb out of a bottle, or go for a hayride. Sounds like a perfect escape, right? Farm stays will be a great vacation where you will participate in some down to earth activities, eat fresh farm-made food and get a peaceful sleep. All those activities during your farm stay will drag you close to the mother nature.

Benefit kids

The farm stays are a great place for kids to learn where the food is coming from. They can even participate in the farmhouse chores such as feeding the animals, plucking the fresh produce etcetera. It is an ultimate retreat that will enlighten your kids in all ways.

Farm Stay in UAE

Moreover, it is a perfect break for the little ones from technology.

Well equipped

Traditionally speaking, these farm stays are more like a rustic house with very basic features. But the stays in the UAE is well equipped with amenities such as TV, Washing machine, swimming pools, comfortable air-conditioned bedrooms, Barbeque area, indoor and outdoor play areas to provide utmost comfort and luxury to the guests.

Farm Stay

So, you have got enough reasons to make farmstay plans for the next weekend. The farmstay is not only a relaxing place but a great bargain. You would probably spend hefty amounts for a staycation booking/ camping to buy the amenities. After the vacation, you won’t actually recover from the expenditure, hence not really having a relaxing time.

Farm Stay in UAE – Price and Details

Farm Stays Price (starting)
Farmstay In Fujairah AED 2500 Book Now
Farmhouse in Ras Al Khaimah AED 2500 Book Now
Farmhouse Stay in Ajman AED 4500 Book Now
Farmstay in Abu Dhabi AED 2500 Book Now
Farmstay in Sharjah AED 2000 Book Now

But UAE farm stay is a great deal. contact Sabsan Holidays. for bookings.

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