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7 Honeymoon Destinations From UAE

Honeymoon Destinations From UAE

Apparently, you are living in a honeymoon destination called Dubai. There are plenty of places inside the UAE to celebrate your honeymoon. But if you are looking for some getaways outside UAE to rekindle the romance, you need to check out this awesome list of Honeymoon Destinations from UAE.



Thailand is one of the most popular destinations chosen by the married couple to celebrate their honeymoon. If you are out of the budget after the grand wedding, you can choose this destination since it is one of the cheap countries from Dubai.
With beaches, greenery, natural settings, cuisine, entertainment, night clubs, dinner in the beaches and spas, Thailand makes an enchanting honeymoon destination. You can stay there for months without getting bored.



I don’t think I should explain much about the honeymoon capital of the world. The Maldives is an island destination with coconut tree barricades and pristine beaches. It is abundant with experiential stays and beach resorts. Moreover, this island will give you complete privacy.
With crystal clear water, honeymoon cottages, ocean activities, white sandy beaches, Maldives will make an exotic destination for the first bonding.


From commoners to celebrities, people choose Mauritius as their honeymoon destination for some genuine reasons. The country is blessed with scenic waterfalls, turquoise blue water, sandy beaches, and cozy accommodations. How can someone strike a country like this from the bucket list?

Moreover, it is budget-friendly.


Indonesia resort

Serene is the word to describe Indonesia. It is a peaceful and bohemian country with majestic mountains, tiny waterfalls, and white beaches. One of the most famous islands in Indonesia is Bali. Bali is filled with astounding resorts and paddy fields.
If you are a couple who would like to spend your days in the laps of nature, then book your honeymoon to Indonesia.

Sri Lanka

Honeymoon Destinations From dubai

The teardrop-shaped island, Sri Lanka, is just 3 hours from Dubai. The country is facing backlash after the recent terrorist attack. However, people who adore Sri Lanka is longing to travel, no matter how terrible is the situation. Sri Lanka is a tourist-friendly country with a lot of honeymoon properties.

The capital city is an incredible blend of culture, colonial history, and Buddhist tradition.

Planning a perfect honeymoon is a challenging task. You have to take care of a lot of things to create a cherished memory. Why do you want to take all that headache when you are busy organizing your wedding? We will take care of everything and gift you a memorable honeymoon to treasure for a lifetime. Call us for more details.


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