UAE National Day Holiday Packages 2020

Gear up for a fulfilled national day long weekend 2020. With the long weekends on hand, it is the right time to plan a stunning short weekend getaway. Book UAE National Day Holiday Packages  2020 from Dubai and UAE local tour packages with Sabsan holidays and avoid last-minute hassles.

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UAE National Day Holiday Packages

UAE National Day Holiday Packages 2020

Georgia Tour 3N/4D  AED 2899
Baku Tour 3N/4D AED 2899
Istanbul Tour 3N/4D AED 3100
Armenia Tour 3N/4D AED 2799
Bali Tour 3N/4D AED 3899

The UAE government has announced two days of public holidays for national day 2020. The holidays fall on Sunday and Monday, making it a four-day long weekend. Are you planning to sit at home doing nothing? It would be really boring, especially when you have plenty of choices around you to have fun. You definitely deserve a break from this monotonous life. Appreciate the fact that you are living in the best location (Dubai) geographically. Plenty of countries are accessible from the UAE- both in terms of distance and budget.

We have affordable packages to the exotic locations in the world for National day 2020. Sabsan holidays are providing UAE national day special tour packages to Georgia, Ukraine, Musandam, Armenia, Salalah, Azerbaijan, and Sri Lanka at affordable rates. These places are on the top list of travel enthusiasts based in Dubai, as they are cheap and the flying time is shorter. We have done all the hard work to provide the best itinerary to the cheapest destination from Dubai for this national day. We have managed to make an itinerary that covers all the popular tourist spots within a short period of time. If you want to include anything to our itinerary, you are free to do it. We can do a custom-made package of your dream.

And of course, these places are well known for their unique tourist spots. Altogether, our well-made itinerary, the charming location, and friendly guides will gift you the most memorable trip of all time. here we listing few UAE National Day Holiday Packages by Sabsan Holidays.

  • #1. Armenia Tour Package

UAE National Day Packages

Armenia is the most favorite destination for the Emirati expats and residents for the past few years. Thanks to the shortest flight distance and frequent flights to this country, the traveling part is much comfortable.

Armenia is located in the Caucasus region of Eurasia and is one of the oldest countries in the world. The rich and ancient culture of this country, along with beautiful and scenic destinations attracts travelers around the globe. Sabsan Holidays provide tour packages to Armenia from Dubai that covers almost all the prominent destinations in the country.

  • #2. Georgia Holiday Package

UAE National Day Holiday Packages 2019

Georgia is another accessible country from the United Arab Emirates with frequent flights and shortest flight distance. The country is blessed with mountain scenery, spectacular vineyards, and age-old churches. Georgia is considered as the birthplace of wine, and the hospitality of Georgians are just lovely.

We have customized as well as fixed departure tours from Dubai to Georgia, which takes you to all the touristic spots in the country.

  • #3. Lebanon Tour Packages

UAE National Day Holiday Packages

Lebanon’s diversity is the main factor that attracts people from all over the world. From sunny beaches to snow-capped mountains, the country has a wide range of climates. There are plenty of scenic places to visit in Lebanon, and it has a vibrant nightlife to explore.

The tickets rates are cheap to Lebanon from Dubai, and our Lebanon packages are well-planned one that covers the highlight of the country.

  • #4. Uzbekistan Tour Packages

UAE National Day Holiday Packages

Astounding architecture is the main specialty of this country. If you are a history enthusiast, then you will love this country because Uzbekistan is enriched with historical buildings and ruins. Apart from the culture-infused building, Uzbekistan has other fantastic tourist spots that can cater to the taste of all tourists visiting this country.

  • #5. Sri Lanka Tour

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the teardrop-shaped island located near the Indian subcontinent. The country’s political dilemma has affected the tourism sector for long. However, the travelers started to explore this country, and it is on the tourist radar now.

Pristine beaches, green mountains, and gushing rivers in Sri Lanka are a hard thing to miss. So, travel with us and explore this enchanting island destination.

  • #6. Azerbaijan Holidays

UAE National Day Holiday Packages

Azerbaijan is a tiny country located in the crossroads of Europe and Asia. The location of the country gives it a blend of cultures from both sides. The capital city, Baku, is considered as ‘mini Dubai. Explore this country with Sabsan Holidays

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