Dubai Holiday Packages 

Dubai is a city made with the wand of a magician. If you are looking for a fantastic time in this magical land, then sabsan holidays can provide you the best Dubai holiday packages. This magnificent spot was nowhere near the tourist map two decades ago.

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Dubai Holiday Packages

Highlights of Dubai Holiday Packages 

Dubai Holiday Packages

Once you visit the Dubai Museum in Al Fahidi, you will realize how this country has transformed from a bedouins deserts to one of the most chosen cities in the world. Then the oil hub has turned into an entertainment hub of the world today. That process itself is magical.

Dubai Holiday Packages

Dubai holidays are the most chosen holidays in the world. And the reason behind that is, the country embraces a wide variety of scenery in the small area.

The city was built by the visionary of the Al Maktoum family, whose ultimate aim is to attract the adventurers and entrepreneurs around the world. With over 70 nationalities, crisscrossing this land, claiming this as their home away from home, reflects an enchanting cultural merging in the city.

  • The vivacious Dubai

Fine dining, luxury malls, intemperate activities- Dubai is vibrant in all ways. The cheapest holiday packages in Dubai will let you explore each corner of the place without having a hole in your pocket. Our Dubai holiday packages 2019 are tailor-made to give you top-notch services.

Though the country follows strict Islamic traditions, it is open to all the cultures. This exemplary quality of accepting all cultures by having temples and churches in Dubai itself is highly appreciable.

The place is filled with multitudinous malls and shopping areas to evoke the shopaholic in you. Whether to have a luxury shopping or budget shopping, Dubai has its particular areas dedicated to each. Our all-inclusive Dubai packages will take you to your desired shopping areas.


Dubai Holiday Packages

Besides, you will never have the impeccable desert experiences (dune bashing, reset safari, belly dance, Arabic cuisine) anywhere else as you do in Dubai. The Cruise in Dubai is yet another mandatory highlight for all tourist. The starry nights, cold breeze, city lights, skyscrapers and onboard dinner with entertainment shows is a lifetime experience.

Dubai Holiday Packages

We also have specialized Dubai family packages for those who would like to gift their kids a magical time. The world’s largest human-made island- Palm Jumeirah is situated in Dubai that offers a wide variety of breathtaking activities.

Plus, the creek and Fahidi portray the old charm of Dubai. The Dubai holiday packages we provide covers all the cozy corners of this country giving you a lifetime experience.

  • Climate and commutation

Dubai Holiday Packages


Dubai has a mainly subtropical and arid climate with sunny blue sky and high temperature most of the year. Temperatures range from a low of around 10 degrees Celsius in winter to a high of 48 degrees Celsius in the summer. The mean daily maximum is 24 degrees Celsius in January, rising to 41 degrees Celsius in August. The winter is the ideal time to have plan your dream Dubai holiday packages

Commutation inside Dubai is much more comfortable with the modern Bus and Metro transport system that is run and operated by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). Apart from that, there is an extensive network of road taxis. Moreover, water-buses, ferry, and Abras are available every day for those who would like to enjoy some traditional mode of transport.

After all, if you are opting Sabsan holidays for tailoring you dream Dubai holiday packages, then you don’t need to worry about anything. We have the best team of local guides and well-maintained transportation system to keep you exploring the souls of Dubai.

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