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Top Things to do in Sharjah – Attractions & Must See

Things to do in Sharjah

Even though the emirate of Sharjah looks dull compared to Dubai, it has a lot to offer in terms of activities and sights to see. Most of the people tend to ignore this emirate thinking that there is nothing much to see here. But check out these Top things to do in Sharjah- it will acknowledge you that the city has a vibrant melting pot of culture that is worth discovering.

Sharjah Art Museum

One of the most dynamic art museum in the whole UAE which showcases rich heritage and artworks of the Arab world. It is an amazing visual treat for art lovers.

Mleiha Archaeological Site

There is a rich history for UAE which dates back before the invention of oil. If you are a history lover, then you are definitely going to love this Archaeological Site which shows the evidence of early humans passed through here on their way to Asia during the Palaeolithic era and the Neolithic community lived here in circa 8000 BC.

Blue souq

Blue Souq is an enchanting shopping mall with incredible architectural detail. The mall has six buildings with 600 shops, and it sells a variety of goods such as electronics, artifacts, and clothing. Stock up all your needs from this large market while enjoying the architectural beauty of it.

Eye of the Emirates Wheel

Just like the famous London Eye, the eye of the Emirates Wheel is a giant Ferris wheel located in the hustling and bustling area of Al Qanat Qasba. This giant wheel gives a fantastic view of the city and the coast(the high rise buildings and the Persian Gulf sea).

Sharjah Fort

Another historic building in Sharjah, which has the series of rooms containing well-presented exhibits on Sharjah’s ruling Qasimi family and the history of the building itself. Sharjah fort is an age-old historic building from1823, which reopened as a museum in 2015.

Amontazah amusement and water park

Known as the ‘UAE’s first adventure park,’ Amontazah amusement park is one of the leading local family attractions in the UAE. The park has a lazy river, a wading pool and a play structure that is safe for the young ones. You can also linger in the terrace area to get some tan.

Rain room

It is hard to see rain in a middle east country like UAE. But don’t worry, you can enjoy a shower in the rain room by walking beneath a never-ending downpour of 2500 liters of water. One of the main specialty of this room is you won’t get wet since the sophisticated system of networked cameras tracks movement. The water gets recycled and self-cleaned all the time.

Arabian Wildlife Center

There is a huge range of wildlife in Sharjah region since the emirate is a part of the desert region. The Arabian wildlife center is created to help save some endangered species with its breeding program and educate visitors on the dangers of extinction. However, the center is divided into three areas: mammals, reptiles, and insects.

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Things to do in Sharjah

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