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Things to do in Ajman – Attractions & Must See

Things to do in Ajman

The tiny emirate that measures only 260 square kilometers is worth checking out, I swear. Ajman is just 40 minutes drive away from Dubai, which has plenty of things to offer- from ancient forts to glitzy resorts. Most of the people ditch Ajman for other emirates such as Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, etc. So, here are the Things to do in Ajman

Al Zorah Nature Reserve

How awesome would it be to spend some time hearing the birds chirping?
Nature is something rare in UAE, but not uncommon in this emirate. Al Zorah Nature Reserve is the most favorite destination of nature lovers in UAE. The reserve is populated with pink flamingos and mangroves, where you can find 60 species of birds.

Desert Safari

Desert safari is the highlight of all the emirates. Almost every emirate in this country provides the opportunity to explore the untouched deserts of Arabian land. From quad biking to henna painting, dune bashing and camel riding, the desert safari will let you experience the broad culture of emiratis.


Ajman is in no shortage of beaches and beach resorts. If you want an escape from the crowded resorts of Dubai, you can hop on to one of the best resorts in the Ajman. Mostly, it will be less crowded and peaceful. Unwind yourself in the ultimate luxury and absorb some vitamin D.

Ajman’s Corniche

Ajman’s Corniche is a place to spend with your dear ones, by lingering around the water area and dining from the delicious food options available. There are plenty of hotels and restaurants located in the region where you can choose the one that can satisfy your tastebuds.


Yes, you heard it right. You can now hike around Hajar mountains and enjoy the scenic beauty of the place. You don’t need any previous experience to go hiking in the Hajar mountains as it is not that difficult. This place is easy for beginners as well. It is advisable not to hike during the summer since the temperature will be very high.

So that is it- the top place to visit in Ajman. If you want any customized city tours in Ajman, contact us. We have the best deal in the whole UAE.

Things to do in Ajman

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